Top 10 Songs Of 2018

Here we are again picking the top songs of the year when it seemed only recently I was choosing the selection for 2017.

2018 has been a fantastic year for music and just showed that if you really want to find good music, it is out there if you put in the effort to try and find the type of thing you like because sadly the radio is no longer going to provide the platform for great music to be heard.

I feel I have listened to more music this year than ever and it has been a painful experience whittling this list down to a top 10 as so many superb songs were omitted.

With that, here are the honorable mentions. Some of these were extremely close to making the top 10.

Heavy California – Jungle

Right Direction – Kimbra

Coming Up – SG Lewis

Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand – Leon Bridges

Screwed – Janelle Monae

Tints – Anderson Paak ft Kendrick Lamar

Long As I Live – Toni Braxton

Runs Through Me – Tom Misch

Until Morning – James Vickery

Haircut – Ryan Beatty

I urge you to check out these songs as they were in constant rotation for me throughout the year.


So let’s get down to it.

Here is my top 10 songs of the year. They are my personal choices and all lists like this are subjective.

10. Hunnybee – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Album: Sex & Food  Writer(s): Jacob Portrait, Kody Nielson, Ruban Nielson  Producer(s): Jacob Portrait, Ruban Nielson.

There was something about this song from the first time I heard it that captured me.

My first experience of the song was watching it with the music video which is an animated journey on a train which you think something terrible is about to happen but never actually transpires.

The song captures me with it’s funky riff and processed vocals. It’s a spacey layered track that I think is fantastic.


9. Django Jane – Janelle Monáe

Album: Dirty Computer   Writer(s): Nate ‘Rocket’ Wonder, Nana Kwabena, Janelle Monáe  Producer: Nana Kwabena

Taken from one of the best albums released in 2018 Janelle Monáe hit us with the anthem of the year with a track so in your face it almost knocked me over.

‘Django Jane’ is direct, ballsy and potent. It’s the female anthem of the year without a doubt and it fit the time so perfectly. This song was required and Janelle Monáe knocked it out of the park with this stunning delivery.


8. You’re Crazy – Jodie Abacus

Album: Take This And Grow Flowers  Writer: Jodie Abacus  Producer: Jodie Abacus

A firm favoruite of mine from the moment it came out in July. It became a song I couldn’t stop singing even when I wasn’t listening to it as it’s infectious melodies and brash lyrics had me hooked.

Having been a fan of Abacus for quite some time I am delighted that he has made the top 10.


7. Still Feel – Half Alive

Album: N/A  Writer: Josh Taylor  Producer: Ryan Prouty

Again this is a track I first came across by watching the video on Youtube rather than hearing it on Spotify.

Until the 25 second mark I don’t think much of it but then it bursts into this funky 70’s inspired tune which has me tapping my feet and nodding my head.

The video for this track will be what most people will take from it but the song itself it catchy, beautifully produced and is just a whole lot of fun.


6. Love It If We Made It – The 1975

Album: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships  Writer: Matty Healy, Ross Macdonald, Adam Hann, George Daniel  Producers: Matty Healy, George Daniel

Every year there is a song that makes my list that was released quite late and this time around it is “Love It If We Made It” from British group The 1975.

There is something about this song that has caught my attention and I have listened to this so many times it’s bordering on obsession.

The lyrics I feel capture the state of the world at the moment and the angry pained vocal delivery fuses this all together.


5. Me and Michael – MGMT

Album: Little Dark Age  Writers: Andrew VanWyngarden & Ben Goldwasser  Producers: Patrick Wimberly, MGMT, Dave Fridmann

There were so many songs I loved from the album “Little Dark Age” but there was something fun and silly about “Me and Michael” that never left me because whilst the song isn’t exactly a seriously deep number it is so well produced and sonically a delight to listen to I just could not omit it from my list.


4. Bad Bad News – Leon Bridges

Album: Good Thing  Writers: Wayne Hector, Todd Michael Bridges, Nate Mercereau, Joshua Block, Eric Frederic & Austin Michael Jenkins  Producer: Ricky Reed & Nate Mercereau

When this song came out in March it became part of my top songs of the year and never at any point left. It was a song pushing for the number one spot early in the year and has remained in and around the upper portion of this list.

It’s old school soulful funky riff makes this sound as if they are just jamming away in some smokey jazz club. It’s the coolest song on this list without a doubt and Bridges has a truly wonderful voice.


3. BOY – Charlie Puth

Album: Voicenotes  Writer: Jacob Kashner, Charlie Puth  Producer: Charlie Puth

Another thing I do every year with these lists is include a real run of the mill pop track and that is exactly what I am doing this time around because I love a good pop song and if you mix in some funky synth beats and some infectious pop melodies then I am loving it.

This is the 2nd consecutive year that Puth has made my top 10 list with is track “Attention” included last year.

According to Spotify, this is my most played song of the year.

This song “BOY” was a the best song off his album and I just love it.


2. A Brighter Love – St. Lucia

Album: Hyperion  Writers: St Lucia  Producers: St Lucia & Rob Kirwan

The 80’s synth pop sound is one that has been a winner for me in 2018 and this is captured on this track from South African group St Lucia.

I love the melodic structure to this song especially in the second verse where the vocal on the pre chorus is just gorgeous.

Great song and I think i’ll be playing this for some time yet.


1.  Sunsets PT 2 – SG Lewis

Album: Dusk EP  Writer: SG Lewis  Producer: SG Lewis

My most played artist on Spotify produced my favourite song of 2018.

Taken from the “Dusk” EP this track had me hooked early on with it’s soulful electronic dance vibes.

It’s a beautiful track and produced magnificently by SG Lewis who like Disclosure really knows how to make the type of dance music that I love.

There have been so many great tracks out in 2018 but this is the most special for me.


To listen to all these songs on spotify, the playlist is below:


Top Songs Of 2017

Top 10 Songs of 2016

Top 10 Songs of 2015

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