Top 5 Music Videos of 2018

Music videos can often detract from a song but can also add to it and this year I thought there were some excellent music videos.

Obviously no matter how good the video is, if you don’t like the song then it’s never going to seem right so luckily I do enjoy all the songs I am about to list.

Here are my top 5 music videos of the year:


5. Heavy California – Jungle

I love the track and it just missed out on my top 10 songs of the year but the video remains a favourite. I am always impressed with the videos Jungle produce and whilst not exactly a massive fan of synchronized dance videos they always seem to make something that engages me and “Heavy California” does just that.

I love the setting, I love the moves and this is just a feel good visual.


4. Django Jane – Janelle Monáe

Part of feature length mini film Janelle Monáe released “Dirty Computer” this was the first track I heard from her in 2018.

This track made my top 10 list but the video added a whole lot more to it as the song is full of attitude yet she was able to convey the track so perfectly on this video.

I think she looks so sexy in this video despite her song “Make Me Feel” showing a more traditional sexy side. She is stunning, and so is this video.


3. Colours – Beck

I can’t say I have ever been a fan of Beck with his music rarely doing anything for me but there is no doubt that this track and this stunning music video.

Directed by Edgar Wright (who directed the movie ‘Baby Driver’ and “Shaun Of The Dead”) and also starring the beautiful Alison Brie this video just has me hooked.

Its just visually stunning and dazzles me every time I watch it.


2. Half Alive – Still Feel

I first heard this song when the video came up on my recommended list on youtube where I usually hear most songs on spotify first so for this to resonate with me not only from the music video but also the song (which made my top 10 list) was a unique experience for me.

The video is so clever and whilst it is another synchronized dance video it is just a visual delight with the moves being clever and the structure of how it plays out being so very appealing. Love this.


1. This Is America – Childish Gambino

When I first viewed this video I had to pause it to get over the shock of what I was seeing as it completely threw me.

By now most people would have either seen this video or heard about what happens in it but it really caught me when I didn’t think a music video ever could as I consider myself someone who has “seen it all”.

But fuck did this video ingrain in my memory. The song is great and the video adds to the drama of what Donald Glover is trying to say.

What a piece of magic.


What were your favourite videos of the year? Let me know!

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